MICE in Mallorca



The island Mallorca is more than just beaches and resort hotels. Once leaving the busy coastal area one enters a world full of relaxation, with only the sound of sheeps and crickets.


On the many limestone-mountain tops there are monasteries and hermitages where monks and eremitic had been working and praying for centuries. The Romans built many theatres, bath houses, temples and houses with floors made of mosaic. Art and buildings left behind by kings can be found on the island Mallorca.


In Mallorca you will find lots of caves full of stalactites, but only some of them are open to visit. The Drach caves are the most famous caves of Mallorca. Local people used to hide here in order to escape attacks by pirates. The Drach caves exist out of four enormous underground halls and a underground lake with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.


The lake Lago Martel is the biggest underground lake of Europe named after its founder. Concerts with classical music are held on the lake with impressive light shows, where a string quartet is passing by in gondolas.


Less touristic caves on Mallorca are the Coves del Hams, Coves des Moro, Coves de l’Alzinaret and Cover de Art.


Formentor is a small peninsula located on the north side of Mallorca in the municipality Pollensa. It is one of the most visited touristic places of Mallorca thanks to its beautiful view on the see and mountains. You will find  beautiful landscapes, a beach, a lighthouse and with bright weather views on the island Menorca.


The lighthouse Formentor lies 188 meters above the sea level and has a height of 56 meters. The lighthouse was used for the first time in 1863. Up from 1962 the lighthouse started working on electricity, and nowadays on solar energy.


The accommodation possibilities on Mallorca are very broad and variant. Many hotels on Mallorca have a very good location right near the coast, the difference in prices are big between the touristic areas and the smaller villages on the island.


For small groups there is a big offer of holiday houses and apartments, with or without swimming pool. One of the most luxury hotels is the Jumeirah Hotel. A 5* hotel located on a mountain at the port of Soller from where one has fantastic views on the port and the opposite mountain.


The traditional cuisine of Mallorca consists in dishes with pork, but you will also find delicious fish dishes, crustaceans, fruits and bean dishes.


Asado de Lechon’, which is roasted pork, or one of the many traditional soups can definitely be recommended. Next to this, the much known pastry “Enseimada” is a taste worth it.