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Tax legislation for corporate events in Spain

Important news for your upcoming business events in Spain!

From January 1st 2015 the Spanish government introduced a new tax law that allows foreign companies to be exempted from the Spanish VAT for their corporate meetings and events hold in Spain.

Basically two invoicing scenarios are set :

Corporate events without VAT.

The prior condition to this is that an event needs to be regarded by the tax authorities as a business operation having a comprehensive work and business environment.

Incentive and leisure trips.

Leisure trips will be invoiced with 0%, 10% or 21% of VAT depending on the services. the payed TAX is redeemed in your country. Click through the following tabs to find out more about VAT rates and services.

For further explanations, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you out with any doubts.

Wij helpen u graag met eventuele twijfels.

Applicable VAT

Without VAT

The event invoice is proceeded without VAT ;

considered as a Business operation involving services related to

corporate meetings, conferences, conventions.

bedrijfsvergaderingen, conferenties & congressen.

VAT rate of 0%, 10% and 21%

Invoices will include the different VAT rates to be applied

depending on the service (see case below).

100% of the payed VAT is redeemed.




Meeting rooms & Location rental fees

Artists, translations, event personal, …

Boat charters

Theatres and cultural event entrance


Catering & Restaurants

Transfer services

Cleaning services

Museums, Sportevents entrances,

Get the most out of your event!

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