Meetings in Spain, services and a host of possibilities

Meetings, Seminars & Training Sessions

Spain has top infrastructure and resources for holding your next business seminar or international training session and event-one will take care of all the details so as to ensure the complete success of your meeting.

MICE meeting

From accommodation to audiovisual and technical support, hosting to merchandising, logistic to micro-event planning, our team leaves no aspect unattended and goes to the lengths necessary to provide the cost-effective solutions that your meeting or conference needs.

What are the key points for an effective meeting?


Humor, Energy, Content flow (intro, issue, brainstorming, solution, conclusion)

Venue temperature and timing.

New VAT Legislation for events in Spain from 2015!

Do not miss our article resuming the new VAT advantages and possibilities for foreign companies when organising an event in Spain contracting a DMC.

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Outstanding Location & Venues

No, you do not have to set-up each and every small and handy meeting in a dark and boring hotel room. Let us inspire you with unbelievable meeting locations in any Destination. Changing venues will open people’s minds and horizons to creativity and bring higher input.
We have presented luxury cars on pools and mounted flip-charts between olive trees…put us to the test and together we will find the solution to make your meeting stand out in the memory of your guests!!

Cost effective basic Audio-visual equipment

For small meeting sessions, basic audiovisual hardware is a “must have” requirement that should be as cost effective as possible. At event-one we will be glad to provide free of charge basic AV support (for instance 2000 lumen projectors and professional audio amplification solutions including wireless hand-held microphones). This basic hardware is user-friendly and does not require professional support once it is has been set-up.

More Services


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