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Meetings, seminars & training sessions

Spain has the best infrastructure and resources to hold your next corporate seminar or international training session. For years, Spain has been a popular destination for meetings, as it is easily accessible and the many providers here offer good value for money. Due to this success, Spain has been able to expand its business infrastructure even further. From the most high-tech locations, to an outdoor meeting, there are plenty of options.

From accommodation to audiovisual and technical support, from hosting to merchandising, from logistics to micro-event planning, our team leaves no aspect unsupervised and goes to great lengths to provide the cost-effective solutions your meeting or conference needs.

What are the key points for an effective meeting?

  • humor;
  • energy;
  • content flow (intro, problem, brainstorm, solution, conclusion);
  • location temperature;
  • timing.

VAT legislation for events in Spain

Don’t miss our article about the VAT advantages and possibilities for foreign companies when organizing an event in Spain where a DMC is contracted.

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Excellent venues

No, you don’t have to set up every little meeting in a dark and boring hotel room. Let us inspire you with breathtaking meeting venues in any destination.

Changing locations will open people’s minds and horizons to creativity and generate higher input.

We have presented luxury cars on swimming pools and mounted flipcharts between the olive trees…put us to the test and together we will find the solution to make your meeting stand out for your guests!

Cost-effective basic audiovisual equipment

For small meetings, basic audiovisual hardware is a “must have” requirement that should be as cost-effective as possible. We are happy to offer free basic AV support (e.g. 2000 lumens projectors and professional audio amplification solutions including wireless handheld microphones). This basic hardware is easy to use and does not require professional support once set up.



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