Incentives & teambuilding

Incentives, teambuilding & business travel

Whether it’s that special incentive trip to motivate your sales team or to show your appreciation for the loyalty of your clients/shareholders, event-one recommends SPAIN for its variety of budget-friendly solutions.

Our team is your perfect partner to design, organise and coordinate your next Incentive Trip to Spain. With a keen eye for detail, numerous years of experience and all the right contacts, we continue to offer very competitive rates on transportation, hotels, restaurants, group visits and activities. Memorable moments , one-of-a-kind experiences, bespoke solutions…

Return On Investment

 Can I mesure the ROI (Return On Investment) of an incentive ? Yes, you can!

In 2009 Oxford Economics proved that the ROI of an incentive is measurable. However, incentives must be planned thoroughly and include all departments involved.

Event-one is happy to work with you to develop an incentive tailored to your company, team, customers, … to ensure an optimal ROI.

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Internal communication and customer satisfaction with a company’s employees are just as important as the external communication with its clients and shareholders.

A well designed and carefully planned activity in the right atmosphere, at the right time, when properly focused, can strengthen a workforce’s drive and commitment. They will become more motivated and thereby more productive.

At event-one, we organize and provide all kinds of teambuildings suitable for the needs and objectives of your company.

Weather conditions, culture and gastronomy

Perfect weather conditions are not the only reason that Spain is a preferred incentive destination. The diverse cultural heritage of the country also provides countless opportunities for activities and visits.

A fantastic variety of gastronomy from across the country, offers infinite restaurant possibilities led by chefs who are always re-inventing the now world-famous Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine.

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