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DMC | Destination Management Company


A Destination Management Company (DMC) is specialised in the implementation and the processing of events related to the MICE sector (MeetingsIncentivesCongressesExhibitions). The company designs for example meeting sessions, conferences or incentive trips often including multiple activities and tours. Moreover, a DMC coordinates a global project with a wide network of providers and expertise in one or more destinations.

Services often include accommodation and transportation and the integration of all products into a unique bid.  A DMC´s performance starts with quoting services and leads to Site-inspections, during which options and logistics are discussed on site.

Destination Management Companies have an extensive knowledge of the destinations and are usually specialised on ground services. Therefore, they do normally not offer flight solutions as provided by travel agents.


Why work with a specialist ? Is it really necessary to outsource to a Destination Management Company for an event ? A topic that has been discussed lately with the globalisation of information in internet, tablets and phones. Indeed, Google maps and co. gives you all the information and phone numbers you might need to roughly coordinate an event. But is a phone number a good contact ? Is the language not an issue to make my high quality needs clear ?

Events are about human connectivity and quality. DMCs are dealing with their providers during all year long, they are not one-time customers that receive common treatment, attention or rates. Their buying force makes them preferred clients and gives them the possibility to offer competitive rates and upgrades. The project manager teams know the hotel and restaurant staff personally, which gives special orders or last minute issues immediate response and fast solutions.

Discussing the economical topic, a Destination Management company´s income lies on commissions payed by providers. No supplementary expenses should be affecting the cost of a determinate service.


Years or decades of experience should emphasise a professional Destination Management Company. Our team has spend many years in our Destinations and gather from a wide range of knowledge in each city.

The sector’s key venues but also the tiny and brand-new possibilities are within your reach.

VAT savings!

Read more about the advantageous taxation legislation in Spain for DMC on our VAT page.

Contacts & extensive network

MICE is about human connectivity.

A professional relationship is based on personal correspondence established over the years : Key to a smooth event flow. We work with our trusted providers for years and have established personal relationship (and also friendships) with many of them which makes things much easier in many situations.

We identify ourselves as a global team in which each waiter is part of “us” and furnish the needed ingredient to a perfect event.



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