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Congresses & seminars

Congresses & seminars

From accommodation to audiovisual and technical support, hosting to merchandising, logistic to micro-event planning, our team leaves no aspect unattended and goes to the lengths necessary to provide the cost-effective solutions that your meeting or conference needs.

Accreditation via webs & apps ?

Pre-event communication with attendees is crucial. Your audience wants to have ready access to event information and not only when they receive it (via email).

A comfortable way to solve this communication issue is to set up a simple event webpage on which guests are able to log in and extract up to date information.

For larger seminars, mobile apps are an easy complement or alternative to a web communication tool. Different templates are available depending on budget, size of the group and complexity of the software

These tools will enable instant event feedback from the audience over social networks or an intranet. Furthermore the platform can provide important post-event feedback and an optional questionnaire concerning seminar content and quality. Graphic documentation such as pictures and video clips can be shared and even a forum can be created to allow direct interaction between the guests and KOL.


One of the keys to warm up your audience and keep it attentive and focused is the integration of small ice breakers. Short games that make the audience interact with each other and contribute to the show.

Physical activity and particpation is an important factor, it keeps the blood circulating and brings oxygen to the brain.

Small but efficient techniques that will keep the audience attentive to the – sometimes hard to concentrate on – content of the messages.


An AV team you can rely on is the key factor for a smooth conference.

For audiences over 100 pax involving heavy media input such as 16:9 videos and Powerpoint presentations you will be glad to be supported by experienced english-speaking technicians that will solve any last minute formatting problems and cue each part of the presentation content into a proper running order.



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